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Umar Khalid holds a 10th std pass certificate and has a Bachelor of Arts degree. He was born and raised in . Umar Khalid is a prominent social activist and human rights defender. He has been participating in and advocating for the student's protests against the Indian Government and is very well-known for his hunger strike which he undertook at JNU in February 2015 in protest against the Indian authorities. Rekha is the daughter of Sajjan Singh, a retired policeman who is a part of the notorious Khalistan Commando Force. Sajjan Singh runs a bakery in front of the JNU campus. He sells Punjabi sweets and is a very close friend of K. P. Singh and K. N. Singh. Mr. Singh, a well-known militant of Khalistan, joins in the protest at the altar of Justice J. D. Sehgal, a highly revered judge who is appointed to be the Chief Justice of India in Sajjan Singh and his son K. P. Singh view him as a man who could bring revolution in the country. Ramkumar is a junior professor of the Jawaharlal Nehru University and is known as "The Lawyer" among students and is one of the most vocal and well-known leaders of the University. He takes on the role of representing both the students and the government in the case against Umar Khalid and the members of the university who are accused of sedition. Plot The trial at JNU commences, and its outcome is in dispute. Umar Khalid is accused of sedition, which may result in his death by hanging. The Justice Sehgal panel is considered to be one of the most just and fair panels. The defense advocates Ramkumar and Sadhana represent Umar Khalid and others, and the prosecution advocates Sajjan Singh and K. P. Singh represent the government. The trial commences in Umar Khalid's absence, as he has gone on a hunger strike to oppose the repression in Kashmir. The Justice Sehgal panel is impaneled, and Sajjan Singh and K. P. Singh are the two members to decide the case. Umar Khalid, together with Ramkumar and Sadhana, are accused of sedition, terrorism, and murder. The prosecution alleges that Umar Khalid incited the students to form a party called the National Students Union of India (NSUI) and to take on the government



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The Ek Hi Bhool Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Hd andhary

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